Sweltering Heat As Humidity Drops

Tale of two worlds today. Downpours soaked the South Shore of Massachusetts, while severe storms slammed Vermont and some parts of Western Connecticut.

Few reports of wind damage from the storms in Vermont, predominantly around St. Johnsbury and back into Calais. Those storms still packed a punch as they headed into Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine.

What becomes of those storms tonight? Don't need to be a meteorologist to figure that one out. The line weakens considerably as it runs away from the cool front in New York State. Translated: no thunder in Boston, Manchester or Providence tonight.

Our focus shifts from the storm threat to the heat threat. Combined with the humidity, hot temperatures in the 90s will make it feel like 100-105 in Southern New England tomorrow! This will be the hottest day of the summer so far. Seek relief in the shade, in the water or just simply stand over an A/C vent. And don't forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - both people and pets.

Heat eases this weekend, but we won't see real relief from the humidity until Sunday..and even then, it should still stay sticky on the Cape/Islands.

Next week isn't looking as hot, but it isn't looking wet either. The drought rages on with no significant, widespread rain in sight.

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