Terror Survivor Speaks Out After Nice Attack

A New England college student who has lived through a terror attack is speaking out about how the attack in France is impacting her and her family.

When Danielle Lewis learned of the attack in Nice, she says her heart sank, and her mind took her right back to March 22nd, 2016 when bombs exploded at the Brussels airport just minutes from where she was living.

"Absolutely it breaks my heart to wake up and have to hear that more people were killed, innocent people," said University of New Hampshire senior Danielle Lewis.

Lewis couldn't believe she was sitting down with necn for another interview on another deadly terrorist attack, this time in Nice, France.

"It sounds barbaric to me, someone had a lot of hatred in them," Lewis said in an interview Friday afternoon.

Lewis was studying abroad in Brussels when terrorists bombed the airport, killing more than thirty people.

"It's truly amazing how people come together through things like this," Lewis said.

She says the people of Brussels were strong, and so was she, until it was time to fly back home to the United States.

"I was so scared I did not want to be at the airport at all," she said. "There was security everywhere, it was tense and stressful."

It was an odd feeling for Lewis who's always loved to travel. She got the bug from her dad.

"I worked for the European railroads and airlines and I traveled a lot," Walter Lewis said.

Back in the 1980s he spent a semester in Nice.

"The brutality of this whole thing is just disgusting," he said.

When news of the truck tragedy hit headlines here in the US, he couldn't help but to think of his daughter.

"Yeah, I imagined her being there, I did and I imagined other students being there, because they are there," Mr. Lewis said. "It's tough, it's really tough."

The shock of yet another attack, putting a simple summer day like this in perspective.

"It made me very grateful to be alive, I missed my family a lot and I am grateful to be with them today," Lewis said.

She will be a senior in the fall and plans on staying planted right here in New Hampshire at least until graduation.

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