The Colors of Fall Also Include Gray

Don't look now, but here comes another one of those dry cool fronts.

By now, we've become accustomed to seeing these fronts cross the Great Lakes with a bunch of rain, and then run out of gas as they cross through New England. This one is no exception. Although we may be able to put together a couple of hours of rain in Northern New England, this looks like a drizzle maker at best in Southern New England.

Behind it, we're already planning for a chilly shot of air. Another frosty start is anticipated areawide on Saturday morning. The afternoon turn around isn't all that impressive either - highs in the upper 50s are all the mid-October sun can muster.

In fact, the Friday/Saturday forecast represents a seasonal turning point. With the sun angle lowering and the effective warming from the golden orb waning, we are having a hard time making a comeback from the cold mornings. Just last month, a cool airmass of this sort could easily have warmed back into 60s. Instead, we'll have to wait until a warmer airmass arrives on Sunday.

Speaking of, the Pats game (and tailgating) looks super with tons of sun and a light wind. Never to early to start hollering...


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