The Gift That Just Keeps Taking

With the recent dry spell, this rain was considered a gift. But I think this is one we'd like to regift. Certainly this incessant cloudcover is getting a little old. We haven't seen the sun since Saturday!

Sun is still a couple of days away, and things are likely to get worse before they get better. Case in point, tomorrow with its increasing wind, cold temps and showers that grow into a steady rain late.

We're dodging a coastal storm, but we're close enough to be on the outer periphery of the rain shield. Thankfully, this is a speedy little guy who races out of here on Thursday night. We'll be left in the wake of the storm with clouds and a whole lotta nothing Friday. Still chilly though, so there's no sneaking one by Mother Nature.

The final leg of this week-long wet spell comes on Friday night as a weakening storm throws some showers our way. With the storm fading on Saturday, a return to sun will be slow and incomplete. There is room for optimism as the winds turn more south and southwest.

Sunday is mom's day, and the weather steps up its game. Highs jump back into the 60s as a few midday showers pass through. Whole new pattern next week with sun reasserting itself, and it can't come soon enough.

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