The Kennedy Family and the Sea

James Graham, author of "Victura: The Kennedy's, A Sailboat and the Sea," joined Wendy Murphy on Broadside to give a unique perspective on the relationship

 President John F. Kennedy and the entire Kennedy family have had a long love affair with sailing.

James Graham, the author of “Victura: The Kennedy’s, A Sailboat and the Sea,” joined Wendy Murphy on Broadside to give a unique perspective on the relationship.

Graham said he wrote the book to give a window into the personal life of the family.

"Nobody, in my mind, has taken a look at the Kennedy family and the magic that happened when they came together at Hyannisport every summer over all those years," Graham explained. "By looking at the family through that prism over that generation and the two that followed, you really get a real sense of the personal lives of the family and what might have contributed to the great things that they accomplished later in life."

Grahame continued by saying that it was clear the late President Kennedy found sailing on Cape Cod to be a great comfort in times of stress. President Kennedy drew a doodle of a sailboat both around the Cuban Missile Crisis and on the day before he died.

The Kennedy family sailboat that dates back to 1932 now sits outside the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum on the UMass Boston campus.

It took Graham about two years to write the book. He’ll be signing at the Osterville Public Library on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

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