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The Things We Didn't Know We Needed, and Now Can't Live Without

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Chances are you’ve made a few (or several) purchases in the last couple of months, or at least found something around the house and given it new life, right? The Hub Today team shares what they’re been loving in quarantine! 

First, Anna Rossi loves to start her day is with a dalgona coffee, especially with two little ones at home! Her secret to the perfect cup is the Zulay whisker from Amazon. All you need is equal parts hot water, instant coffee and granulated sugar (about a tablespoon each!)

Next, Maria Sansone has been loving her fanny pack. She borrowed it from her daughter (yes, it has unicorns) and wears it all day long. It is perfect for storing the essentials: a mask, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, doggie bags, and ear pods. It allows her to be hands-free all day and keep up with the kids.

Finally, Colton Bradford has been catching up on new shows with Roku. It can be hard to keep track of which show lives on which platform, right? Colton found his Roku to help him track down exactly what he wants to watch.  He also has been using his Cozy Coozie to keep his drinks cold and hands warm.

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