This Is Why We Live In New England

Beach days are back! It's not often you get a 7-10 day forecast to look like our current one. Tons of sun, warm temperatures and hardly a shower or storm.

Although the worries of a deepening drought will weigh heavy in the back of our minds, this is an amazing stretch of early summer warmth. We all know how June can disappoint (as evidenced by past years), but this one is finishing strong.

We'll warm uniformly across New England in the next two days, but see a small setback in the temperatures by Friday and Saturday (almost negligible for Western New England) as a more pronounced easterly wind asserts itself.

However, by Father's Day that wind will turn to the south and southwest, bringing back the serious heat - and humidity - into early next week.

Our only shot at any turbulent weather seems to be around Tuesday afternoon as a sharp cold front slices into the hot, humid air. We could see a round of significant storms by then, but it's a bit too early to sound the alarm and raise the red flag.

Until then, sit tight and soak in those rays...after applying sunscreen that is.

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