Time to Melt

Time to Melt

At least some folks had a good shot of water today. In fact, the heaviest rain fell in the spots that have the deepest drought. Places like Peabody, Danvers, Andover and Chelmsford all picked up between 1-1.5 inches of rain!

And there may be more to come. With a front stalling overhead this weekend, chances grow for more rain and possible storms. But in the meantime, the heat is going to sizzle us to submission.

Humidity arrived with the rain today, but without a lot of sun, it was tolerable. Tomorrow, the sun will bake us as the humidity hangs tight. The result will be highs in the mid and upper 90s with the heat index (what if feels like with the humidity) between 100-105 degrees! Heat Advisories have been issued for a good part of Southern New England for tomorrow afternoon. Take it easy, slow it down, and drink plenty of water.

As the storm threat grows this weekend, so will the threat of flash flooding. With so much available moisture, it won't take much for the runoff to get out of control. Keep the apps and weather alerts closeby, and stay cool!!

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