Time To Sizzle

Now you're cooking!

Kidding aside, some are. Hartford hit 90 again today, on to their first heat wave of the season (as highs are again expected to peak near 90 tomorrow). Elsewhere, we were soothed by an afternoon sea breeze along the coast...to a point. By late afternoon it was almost chilly in Nahant and Marblehead as temperatures fell to the 60s.

More sea breezes in the next two days. That will keep the coast a bit cooler (it's relative) while we bake just inland. Thunder threat remains elusive and random. Tonight it should be focused mainly over Northern New England. Tomorrow it may be in any location away from the coast. Ditto for Saturday. Humidity is on the rise as well, given the transport of sticky air from the Deep South.

Later in the holiday weekend, a tropical system looks to be creeping along the Eastern Seaboard. This early in the season, it's not a huge threat for us, but it bears watching simply because of the rain threat...on a holiday weekend.

At this point, the rain could wash out the latter half of Memorial Day, but, as you might expect, the track is pretty hard to pin down this far out.

We'll keep watching, you just keep the sunscreen and bug juice nearby.

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