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‘Tis the Season for Package Thefts, Cambridge Police Warn

Whether you order from Amazon or a small business, here are some ways to help ensure the package actually makes it into your hands

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With the holiday shopping season about to hit full swing, Cambridge police are reminding residents to protect themselves against potential package thieves.

Police said they expect package thefts to increase in the coming weeks, and noted that the lower half of their city has seen the most of these types of crimes, with 34 reported in The Port neighborhood through October 2022. Cambridgeport was next with 30, and mid-Cambridge with 24.

The number of reported thefts is estimated to be lower than actual thefts, as these crimes tend to go unreported.

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge shares her tips to try when it comes to avoiding holiday debt this season.

To avoid becoming a victim, Cambridge police suggest the following:

• Track your packages online, so you have a better idea when it is scheduled to arrive, and/or sign up for delivery alert notifications.
• Request that your packages arrive when/if you plan on being home or request that they are placed in a secure location outside your home.
• If you do need to travel, place a hold on your package until you return to keep your parcel safe.
• Have your packages delivered to your work address in the event that you are not able to be home.
• Consider utilizing "store pickups" or “hub lockers” and pick up your items at your convenience.
• Consider installing a security camera or utilizing lockboxes that provide access codes to delivery companies.

Package thefts or suspicious activity, such as someone who appears to be tailing a delivery truck, can be reported to police at 617-349-3300, or 911 in an emergency.

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