Tractor Trailers Crash Due to Icy Road Conditions

augusta wreck 3
Maine State Police

I-95 in Augusta, Maine, was still down to one lane on Monday morning after tractor trailer crashed at an overpass overnight due to icy road conditions.

According to state police, the crash destroyed a 30-foot section of the guardrail on a bridge, which resulted in the one lane and will stay that way for some time. The tractor part of the vehicle was destroyed, and the cost to fix the damage to the truck and the bridge will likely cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Maine State Police say the impact of the crash ripped the front axle from the tractor trailer and ripped open its fuel tanks, spilling fuel on the road.

The driver, 22-year-old Anna Tronscosco-Williams of Indiana, was not injured and has not been charged, according to authorities.

Meanwhile, I-95 northbound traffic from Augusta to Sidney is being diverted because of yet another tractor trailer crash. The crash happened overnight and the vehicle had to be left off the road until it could be towed Monday morning. Traffic is being diverted at exit 113. 

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