Tree Narrowly Misses Home During Severe Storm

Other homes in Mass. weren't so lucky when a powerful summer thunderstorm rolled across the state

It was a very close call for one family in Reading, Massachusetts, as the storm rolled in and took out a large tree in the front yard.

“Very close, the tree was resting on our front windows,” said homeowner Kevin Cashin.

Cashin was in the house with his four daughters when the tree narrowly missed the home.

"It was a big bang and we all came downstairs and the power went out immediately," he said.

His daughter Sally said, "I didn’t know what happened but then my dad said, I was like is everything okay and he was like yeah."

"Well I was kind of scared because there was a lot of thunder and lightning," said his daughter Emmy.

And in Melrose, a home on Vinton Road was struck by this large tree while a couple was inside.

"When the storm passed through it looks like the tree was struck by lightning back there, came down, went on top of the house, several holes in the roof but it looks like the lightning fell from the tree right into the gas main going into the building," Melrose Fire Department Captain John White said.

Captain White said they’re very lucky the gas itself didn’t ignite.

"Luckily the residents were home, heard the smoke detectors go off, grabbed a nearby extinguisher, they extinguished the fire by themselves," said Captain White.

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