Tropical Depression Forms Off East Coast

Rip current risk will increase in New England

Tropical Depression #8 has formed off the East Coast Sunday morning. The storm will drift towards the Carolina coast over the next few days, gradually picking up strength. When sustained winds reach 40 MPH in the storm, it will become Tropical Storm Hermine.

After brushing the Outer Banks it will likely curve to the northeast. That track would keep it well south of New England, but at the same time Hurricane Gaston is also swirling in the Atlantic. The combination of those two storms will send a swell towards New England Monday and Tuesday. Waves offshore will approach 5 feet, and the risk of rip currents will increase at New England beaches.

At the same time, a completely separate disturbance is bringing heavy rain to parts of South Florida. As that energy enters the Gulf of Mexico it will likely continue to organize. That too may become a named storm if it strengthens enough.

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