Turning Point

It's the same sad story. Day 5 in the clouds and showers was no different than day 4. Or day 3 - other than the fact that the temperature was 3 degrees cooler.

We are clearly heading in the wrong direction for a turnaround. However, there is reason to be optimistic once again tonight. A large ocean storm is pulling away and we have a reprieve in store for tomorrow.

In fact, much of the day is dry. We might be able to piece together a minutes or hours of sun, but the clouds will have the upper hand. Later on, as low pressure moves up from the Mid Atlantic, the clouds will lower and a few showers may sprout.

Saturday is all about getting rid of this weather pattern and turning the page to the next (one that includes a run to 70 or better next week). At issue here is the slow pace of the clearing. We'll have to wait until afternoon in many spots, but at least we'll do better than 47 for a high...or even 50.

Mother's Day is also looking decent. Threat for rain persists until lunch, then we clear out the afternoon.

Before you go thinking that this stretch of dismal weather is record-breaking, we did some digging and discovered that the 13 day stretch ending on January 23, 1995 was even more abysmal. Precipitation fell for that entire spell.

With the crazy weather patterns we've seen in the last several years, I suspect one day we might break (or even shatter) that. But in the words of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, "That is not this day."

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