Turning The Tide



The break we've been waiting all summer for may be coming to a neighborhood near you. That's right. For the first time since last spring, we're facing the prospect of a stalled storm system that could pump days' worth of showers and cool temperatures across New England.

I'm quick to jump on the rain chances and the bleak forecast, but I'm hesitant to say this is the panacea we've been hoping for. Indeed, this has the potential to keep us wet for days, but it remains to be seen whether this will be a drought-busting deluge we've been wishing for since March and April.

Why is that?

The northeast wind will almost guarantee we stay in the clouds and light drizzle/showers, but since we're still removed from the storm by several hundred miles, the steady/heavy rain may fall short. This could be a VERY frustrating seven days in that sense. Missing all that sun and coming away with a few tenths of an inch would be a disaster.

Timing is another issue. Because this storm will be a clumsy rain producer, I can't say whether the mornings or the evenings are more favorable for showers. We'll just have to wait until late Wednesday as the storm approaches to get a better handle on the pacing of the showers and drizzle. It's quite possible there will be several dry hours (or even a day) of rain-free weather - especially across Northern New England, where sun may make several cameos.

So there it is in a nutshell: a more promising forecast, but one that doesn't guarantee a deluge. We'll fine tune the details in the days ahead.

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