New Hampshire

2 NH Explosions Draw Attention to Popular Target Practice Mixture

Two explosions in New Hampshire have brought new attention to a powder that is popular among gun users.

Tannerite, as it’s known, is a mixture that explodes when shot by a high powered rifle. While it's commonly used for target practice, it can be problematic when used in large quantities.

"Most people around here just buy a couple pounds," said Gene Rochette, owner of State Line Guns Ammo and Archery in Plaistow.

According to police, approximately 150 pounds was used for target shooting over the weekend in Bristol. The impact resulted in hundreds of calls to 911 by residents who heard and felt the impact of the blast.

"That would be a lot to shoot off at once," Rochette said, "If you bought 100 pounds, it's like $700 worth. That's a lot of money to take one shot at."

According to investigators in Nevada, a substantial amount of Tannerite was also found inside the car of the gunman behind the Las Vegas shootings. 

However, the sale of the mixture is not regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. On their website, the agency states, "ATF does not regulate the sale and distribution of these component chemicals, even when sold together in binary 'kits.' However, when the binary components are combined, the resulting mixture is an explosive material subject to the regulatory requirement..."

But injuries and accidents are rare, according to Rochette. He advises customers to take basic safety precautions when using the product. 

"It's very safe," Rochette explained, "You set it out 100 yards." 

While no one was injured during Bristol's incident, police have arrested one person and police say that more arrests could follow. 

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