University of New Hampshire Students Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Grab your sombreros, colorful ponchos and Coronas - it's Cinco de Mayo, and students at the University of New Hampshire are celebrating.

Even Durham residents came to watch.

After riots broke out on campus on this day two years ago, students learned a lesson, and police made some significant changes.

The town's police chief tripled his normal staff by adding state police and officers from nearby towns.

According to Foster's Daily Democrat, school President Mark Huddleston and university police met with students on Tuesday to make it clear that rowdiness will not be tolerated.

In past years, police have made numerous arrests on Cinco de Mayo as students celebrating the end of the school year gathered in large numbers. Cinco de Mayo happened to fall on the last day of classes last year, while this year, classes don't end until Monday, which could help quell any major disturbances.

Last year there were only about a half dozen arrests and two people were hospitalized. But in 2014, thousands of students flooded downtown Durham, and police worked all day to disperse the crowds, which even blocked buses trying to get middle school students home.

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