Vermont Officials Rescue Moose Stuck in Bridge

Officials received reports of the stuck moose on Wednesday

Courtesy of Vermont Fish & Wildlife

A moose in southern Vermont that was stuck in an active railroad bridge this week was safely removed and relocated.

With the help of the Springfield Fire Department, Vermont game wardens and wildlife biologists sedated the moose, picked it up with a crane truck and relocated it, according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife. The moose was stuck next to Route 103 in the Ludlow and Cavendish area.

"The focus of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is on population level threats to species, and it is rare that this kind of intervention makes sense because of the risk posed to the animal and responders. Such recoveries are many times not successful," said Vermont Fish and Wildlife in the Facebook Post.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife received a report that the moose was stuck Wednesday morning. They posted a video of the moose's removal and relocation Thursday afternoon.

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