Woman Charged in Crash That Killed 2

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A woman has been arrested after a crash that killed two people Thursday on Route 7 in Swanton, Vermont.

Police say a Toyota Tundra, driven by 35-year-old Maria Carlson of Swanton, was speeding when it hit a telephone pole and went airborne. According to police, the truck sailed through a yard, back onto the road, and hit a Mercury Sable head-on.

A witness estimated to police that Carlson was going about 100 mph.

The Sable's driver, 68-year-old Diane Bohannon, and her passenger, 67-year-old Robert Benjamin, were entrapped. Fire crews had to remove the roof to extricate them.

Bohannon died at the scene. Benjamin was taken to the hospital, where he was also pronounced dead.

Carlson was also injured, being taken to an emergency room. The nature and extent of her injuries were not released.

Police say Carlson could not recall the details of the crash. She is charged with gross and negligent operation resulting in death.

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