After Releasing Milking Game, Nintendo Visits Real-Life Dairy Farm

One of the most famous names in the business of play got a lesson Wednesday in the hard work of farming.

Nintendo of America has a new game called "1-2-Switch," played on its new Nintendo Switch system.

One of the many challenges in that game, which sees players competing face-to-face instead of looking at the TV, is a race to see which player can get the most milk from a digital cow.

After learning of the milking game, Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock, Vermont, wondered how much the gamers knew about actual farming, so the landmark invited Nintendo to see a real milking parlor.

The Nintendo employees who made the trip to Vermont came away with new admiration.

"It's just incredible hard work and phenomenal," Nintendo's Tim Kwong said of dairy farming. "I can't even express how appreciative I am of that. It's just definitely opened my eyes to this entire experience."

The Nintendo employees got tours of the historic barn and learned how the jersey cows are milked.

"I was really surprised that they were willing to get right up next to the cow and actually milk them," Tyler Catterall of Billings Farm said of the visitors from Nintendo. "That was extremely awesome for them to do that."

Nintendo challenged the farmers to a milking matchup using the new Switch console. The professional game-players admitted they expected they were going to lose because of a lack of experience on real dairy farms.

However, in the end, the Nintendo employees managed to out-milk the farmers in that digital competition using the game controllers.

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