Bear that Broke into Vermont Home Last Weekend Euthanized

The bear was deemed a "threat to human safety" because it learned to get food from human sources

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is reminding people to avoid attracting bears after a bear that broke into a home in Underhill last weekend had to be euthanized due to public safety concerns.

Officials say the bear twice entered the home at night through screened windows. It ransacked the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and ate cheese, grapes, maple syrup and bread.

Chief Game Warden Colonel Jason Batchelder says a bear that learns to get food from human sources will quickly lose its fear of people, and become "a potential threat to human safety."

He says although no food sources were left outside such as birdfeeders or pet food that would have attracted the bear he says it's likely the animal had previously found food near other homes.

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