Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Calls Donald Trump's Tweets ‘Insane'

He called Trump's comments about voter fraud "delusional" and "insane"

Wondering what former Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks of President-elect Donald Trump's tweets? He shared his thoughts on "Conan" Tuesday night.

Host Conan O'Brien asked specifically what Sanders thought of Trump's tweet over the weekend in which he said that "millions of people" voted illegally in the 2016 election.

"First of all, it's delusional. It's totally insane," Sanders said. "Nobody believes that who studies elections or election patterns."

What Trump is really looking to do, he said, is to suppress the vote.

Sanders also expressed concern about Trump tweet on Tuesday about making it illegal to burn the American flag.

"There's a hidden message in that, and that is 'Be careful if you are prepared to dissent,'" he said.

Sanders also said he is worried "about the future of this country," saying Trump was elected on a platform based on bigotry.

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