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Brutal Cold to Sting Vermont Before Weekend Moderation

Parts of the state could see wind chills that feel like -30 at times

A brutal blast of cold has reached Vermont, bringing wind chills overnight and into Thursday morning that at times could feel like thirty degrees below zero in some places.

Vermont saw more snow and plunging temperatures Wednesday, as it braced for air temperatures necn meteorologists expect will dip to 0 to -10 Thursday morning, with the wind making it feel like -20 or even -30, at times.

Jessica Welsch, a physician’s assistant on the urgent care staff at the UVM Medical Center’s Fanny Allen campus, warned of the risk of frostbite. She urged folks to bundle up well if they have to go out, saying keeping your core warm can conserve body heat that’ll help protect your most vulnerable extremities.

“Even just putting on an extra jacket, an extra vest, keeping the rest of the body warm, can keep the fingers and toes warmer longer and keep them from getting frostbitten, too,” Welsch explained.

Meteorologist Michael Page, from the necn First Alert Weather team, said despite the arctic blast, Vermonters will dodge the kind of incredible cold that polar vortex is forcing on the Midwest.

Parts of the country’s midsection had forecasted wind chills of -70. There were widespread business and school cancelations, and more than 1,800 flights were canceled from Chicago’s airports, NBC News reported Wednesday.

The dangerous cold even forced the U.S. Postal Service to suspend mail delivery to parts of 10 states.

“It’s not nearly as biting,” Page said of the cold expected for Vermont, as compared to what Chicago and the upper Midwest saw.

Vermont resorts like Bolton Valley are grateful temperatures will moderate soon.

Until they do, Bolton asked skiers and riders to come ready for the cold, with extra layers.

“People who are here day in and day out know that as long as you have the right gear, you can prepare for almost anything,” said Bolton spokesman Scott Pellegrini.

Pellegrini said he expects the fresh snow in the mountains and typical winter temps by the weekend to draw excited crowds in the days ahead.

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