CAUGHT ON CAM: Police Cruiser Crash on Icy Vermont Roads

A dramatic crash was caught on camera after ice made for a dangerous morning on the roads in many northern New England communities.

The wreck involved a police SUV belonging to the town of Hinesburg, Vermont, where the chief of police says he was responding to a report of several vehicles off the road on Lincoln Hill Wednesday morning, which was made treacherous when freezing rain left the hill in a sheet of ice.

Dash camera footage shows when he tried going up the hill forward, the chief lost traction and started sliding backward and couldn't regain control.

He ended up in a ditch, but is doing just fine, and can't believe the SUV wasn't more badly damaged.

"It was a little bit scary, because you just don't know what's going to happen. I was comfortable I was not going to get hurt. But just that complete loss of control is a little bit frustrating," Chief Frank Koss said.

Chief Koss says he's very glad the community decided to cancel school this morning because of the ice. After his own experience, he said there was no way school buses belonged out on the roads early Wednesday. 

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