Deadly ‘Game of Thrones' Heroin Sweeps Across Northern New England

A particularly lethal strain of heroin labeled "Game of Thrones" is circulating in northern New England, where officials say at least 10 people overdosed on the highly potent drug over the weekend.

A 32-year-old man in Lebanon, New Hampshire, had to be revived Friday night with Narcan, an opioid-reversal medication, after an overdose. On Monday, police arrested 30-year-old Brock Richardson of Enfield on charges of possession with intent to distribute and with the sale of heroin.

Brock Richardson
Lebanon Police
Brock Richardson

Caleb Dumont-Willey, a 21-year-old Lebanon man police believe bought heroin from Richardson, was also arrested.

"The heroin that was recovered, stamped 'Game of Thrones,' appears to have a high potency level," Lebanon Police said in a release. "Although all heroin should be considered potentially lethal, this particular batch led to an overdose and near death."

Vermont health officials believe the strain may be laced with fentanyl, an opiate up to 50 times the strength of heroin. Multiple doses of Narcan were needed to revive the people who overdosed, and "Game of Thrones" appears to be connected to at least some of those incidents.

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