DNA From Band-Aid Helps Solve Camp Burglary

Victor Velez, 31, of Saint Albans, Vt. charged with the crime

DNA from a band-aid helped police in Vermont solve a two-year-old camp burglary in Fairfield. 

In November 2012, Vermont State Police were investigating multiple camp burglaries on Fairfield Pond.

There had been a large number of camp break-ins around the country at this time; most of the camps had copper stolen from them, as well as vandalism caused during entry.

In the camp owned by Robert Perkins, 65, there was about $700 worth of damage. There were also miscellaneous items stolen, including batteries and children's items.

A band-aid was located on the floor, where a window was smashed out. DNA from the band-aid ended up coming back to Victor Velez, 31, of Saint Albans. An order was granted by the court to have Velez submit to mouth swabs to confirm the identification.

Velez was subsequently charged with burglary.

Perkins also owns the camp right next to the one where the window was smashed out, and copper was stolen off the outside water heater there.

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