Driver Arrested for Traveling 100 MPH in Royalton, Vermont

The driver was charged with careless and negligent operation

Tyler Garrant VT Speeding mug
Vermont State Police

Vermont State Police arrested a man for careless and negligent operation after he was caught driving 100 MPH.

According to police, officers observed a Mitsubishi Eclipse pull out and pass a vehicle without signaling on East Bethel Road in Randolph Center, Vermont.

The vehicle began to accelerate to speeds of 90-100 mph on East Bethel Road, a paved road.

Police attempted to catch up with the vehicle but were unable to.

Officers followed the vehicle onto Crocker Road, a dirt road, where the vehicle continued at speeds of 70-80 mph.

Police lost the vehicle at Kingsbury and Crocker Road but reacquired it at VT 14 in Kingsbury Road.

The vehicle continued on VT 14 at speeds of 80+ mph then turned onto Post Farm Road.

Officers were eventually able to catch up with the vehicle and identify the operator.

The driver, Tyler Garrant, was taken into custody and charged with careless and negligent operation.

He will appear in Orange Superior Court on September 28.

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