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Estranged Wife of Kidnapping, Rape Suspect Speaks Out

Everett Simpson was arraigned on a federal kidnapping charge after leading authorities on a multi-state manhunt

What to Know

  • Evertt Simpson, 41, was arraigned from a Philadelphia hospital bed on a federal kidnapping charge.
  • Simpson is accused of leading authorities on a multi-state manhunt after allegedly carjacking a woman then raping her in front of her child.
  • The suspect was arrested in Philadelphia suburb after leading police on a pursuit in a stolen vehicle, according to officials.

The estranged wife of the former Vermont man accused of kidnapping a woman and her 5-year-old son then raping the woman in front of her child is speaking out.

Sherise Simpson spoke to Vermont's MyNBC5 Tuesday about her estranged husband, 41-year-old Everett Simpson, who was arraigned on a federal kidnapping charge earlier this week.

"He's a very sick man and he needs a lot of help," she said.

The couple has two children and have been married for nine years.

"We were in our own little bubble," Sherise Simpson said. "He would say he owns me, I'm his property, we don't associate with people."

Authorities said Everett Simpson escaped a substance abuse rehabilitation center in Vermont on Friday, prompting a multi-state manhunt. Days after his escape, he allegedly forced a woman and her son into their vehicle in the Mall of New Hampshire parking lot in Manchester and took off with them.

The woman told investigators that Everett Simpson was searching for his wife, who he believed was cheating on him. Court documents said the victim told officials she felt Simpson was searching for his wife so he could hurt her.

"She's pretty much saved my life and I don't know who she is and I feel horrible for everything that happened to her," Sherise Simpson said.

After attempting to sexually assault her on the side of the road, the suspect forced the woman to rent a room at a motel in White River Junction, Vermont, where he sexually assaulted her in front of the boy, according to court documents.

He was arrested in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania after an automated license-plate recognition system identified a stolen Kia from New Hampshire.

"I'm very disappointed in him and I hope he thinks about every day what he did to that woman and her child," Sherise Simpson said.

Vermont State Police said they have launched a formal investigation to review steps taken to notify authorities of Everett Simpson's escape.

"The Vermont State Police has determined that there were additional steps that should have been taken, including an arrest warrant on Friday night, Jan. 4; issuing a 'be on the lookout' alert for Simpson; and issuing a news release informing the public about Simpson," state police said in a statement.

The suspect had posted bond on Thursday for a separate assault case. His bond came with a court-ordered condition that he seek treatment at Valley Vista rehabilitation center.

Vermont State Police said they received a complaint late Friday that the suspect had fled.

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