Famous Artist Spotlighted in New Vermont Exhibit

William Wegman is best known for his often funny photos of his Weimaraners

A new art exhibit at a landmark museum in Vermont takes a closer look at an artist whose work is recognizable to many.

William Wegman is best known for his often funny photos of his Weimaraners, but a new exhibition at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum spotlights how he’s about much more than dogs.

“When I look at my work, I go, ‘Wow, I did all that?’” Wegman said when touring the exhibition.

Curator Carolyn Bauer pored over nearly 50 years of the artist’s work for a show she called “William Wegman: Outside In.”

Yes, photos of his famous models are on view, but so are paintings, drawings and multi-media creations.

“He is a phenomenon,” Bauer said of Wegman. “We have a lot of works here that will be of interest and surprise to visitors.”

The show focuses on Wegman’s lifelong fascination with nature.

The native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, who splits his time between New York City and western Maine, finds inspiration in wilderness—often placing his iconic pets in rural outdoor settings.

“When they see the camera, the lights, the assistant or whatever, then they know, ‘Oh, we’re going to busy today,’” Wegman said of his Weimaraners. “The dogs can turn into different things. I turn them into landscapes, dinosaurs, elephants, people.”

Visitors can learn more about how William Wegman sees and transforms his surroundings, through October 20 at Shelburne Museum.

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