Friends Remember Vermont Pilot Killed in Glider Crash Along With Passengers

The state representative from Stowe called the pilot "one of the truly decent ones"

Friends and neighbors of a Vermont glider pilot killed this week along with his two passengers are reacting to the news of the tragic sightseeing trip.

“Mr. Post was a man who touched many people’s lives,” said Dan Lathrop, a friend and fellow pilot of Don Post of Stowe. “He’s going to be greatly missed by everybody.”

“Postie” as many knew Post, was killed Wednesday in a crash into a remote mountain range in Morristown. Travelers Frank and Suzanne Moroz from Hamden, Connecticut were in the passenger seat and also died.

A photo shared with necn by the Vermont State Police showed the dense tree cover and remote location of the crash site, where investigators trekked Friday as part of their search for answers.

Federal investigators are looking for clues about what caused the crash, including signs of possible problems with the equipment, or evidence of a medical emergency, or data on weather hazards like sudden downdrafts.

“It’s very sad,” Sharon Harper of the Stowe Area Association said of this week’s deaths of the community member and two visitors.

“I imagine [Post] had people come year after year because they just enjoyed him and the experience they had on the glider,” Harper added.

As a teenager, Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, babysat for Don Post’s kids.

In adulthood, she said she came to admire Post’s involvement in all facets of town life, from his boosting of youth hockey programs to his volunteerism.

“He was one of the truly decent ones,” Scheuermann remembered. “He was on the school board and just a tremendous advocate for our children’s education in town. Everything he did—he gave his all.”

The National Transportation Safety Board said its full report into what went wrong in the sky could take up to a year to complete.

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