Historic House Rides Through Vermont Streets

The 1840s home continued its journey from Winooski to Burlington Saturday morning

Police stopped traffic in two Vermont cities Saturday morning to accommodate the moving of a historic house.

The 1840s home had to leave its address in Winooski because developers are putting in a new apartment and office building called City Lights.

The builders offered the structure free to whomever would pay for its removal. That cost has been estimated at around $100,000.

Early Saturday morning, a team from New England Building Movers carefully guided the house through the Winooski rotary and over the bridge to neighboring Burlington.

Eventually, the house will sit on Manhattan Drive, in Burlington's Old North End.

Police stopped cars and public works crews helped the house dodge traffic lights and power lines. The early-morning move was scheduled to minimize impacts on the communities.

There is still more work to do to finish the move, including select tree trimming along the remainder of he route.

Once the home is in place, construction workers will need to hook it up to its new foundation, and reattach a dormer and roofing shingles that were taken off for the move.

Site work for the City Lights project is already underway.

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