How You Can Score Free Tuition, Housing at Vermont College

Green Mountain College in Poultney is offering to waive tuition, room, and board for one student studying sustainability

A small liberal arts college in Vermont has a tantalizing offer for high school seniors: free tuition and free room and board for four years.

"It's a big commitment on the part of the college," said Bob Allen, the president of Green Mountain College in Poultney.

GMC said it will award the scholarship to one high school senior who wants to tackle climate change, social justice, or other issues aimed at strengthening communities for today and the future.

The school, which has a student body of about 500 undergrads, was an early leader in the field of sustainability.

The value of the sustainability scholarship prize is roughly $200,000, the school has said.

"It's a great amount," said Green Mountain College student Ellen Sanders, a sophomore from Michigan. "It's a good thing the school is doing it. If I had the opportunity, I'd have definitely done it."

High schoolers already applying to GMC can write an extra 800-word essay to qualify for the free education.

The essay has to be about what change the applicant sees as needed for a more sustainable world. One possible topic: a vision for the middle class in America.

"If there's some good news in the current political climate, which has become pretty divisive, it's that a lot of these issues are getting attention that had been pushed to the background," Allen said of social justice, economic justice, and climate issues.

Time is of the essence for applicants vying for the free education.

Essays must be submitted online by Wednesday, February 15 at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time.

To apply for the scholarship, you can visit their website.

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