Labor Department Turns to Big E-Goers to Fill Jobs

Vermont Jobs

The Vermont Department of Labor is attending the largest agricultural fair in the Northeast this weekend--not to enjoy the fried dough, exhibits, or thrill rides--but to recruit job applicants. 

Saturday is "Vermont Day" at the Eastern States Exposition, or Big E, in West Springfield, Massachusetts. 

The Vermont Department of Labor will be there on the Avenue of States, recruiting job applicants for a range of positions Vermont employers need to fill. The list includes nurses, carpenters, truck drivers, bakers, engineers, and more. 

Labor officials say Vermont's low unemployment rate means it's been challenging for some companies to find workers, so the Big E may be a great place to reach people ready for a move. 

"Most people know that Vermont’s a really nice place to live, a nice place to visit, stay, come to," said Brenda Greika of the Vermont Department of Labor. "They know about the skiing, the craft beers, but what they often don’t know about is the good amount of jobs we have up here. And they’re good jobs, and we need to fill them." 

The Labor Department will be handing out postcards at the fair Saturday, directing people to The postcards contain descriptions of actual jobs that are currently available. 

The Big E runs through October 1. 

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