Large Marijuana Grow Operation Busted in Vermont

Vermont marijuana bust 2
Vermont State Police

Authorities busted a large marijuana grow operation in Vermont on Friday.

Thirty-four-year-old Seth Brownell of Bridgewater faces a marijuana cultivation charge after Vermont State Police say they received an anonymous tip about a growing operation at a residence on Route 4 in Bridgewater.

Police say that when they arrived, they met with residents who lived there outside of the home, and could smell fresh, unburned marijuana, which they say developed cause to search the property. State police also said they received consent to search.

A large grow operation with 55 marijuana plants in various stages of growth was found upstairs in a bedroom, according to state police.

Grow lights, fans, heaters, ventilation systems, a water irrigation system and humidifiers to support the grow were also allegedly found.

Police say Brownell, a resident, was arrested there and then taken to the Royalton Barracks for processing. He was issued a criminal citation, and he's expected to appear in Windsor Superior Court on Jan. 27. 

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