Man Arrested After Vermont Easter Egg Hunt Uproar

For a second time during Easter weekend in New England, what was supposed to be a cherished tradition turned into a mess after pushy parents caused a scene at an egg hunt.

In Orange, Connecticut, a PEZ Easter egg hunt ended early after some parents ignored the game's rules, with one woman even saying an adult injured her grandchild's nose.

The same day, in Proctor, Vermont, police responded to an overcrowded Easter egg hunt at Wilson Castle, where parents became "irate" and a man was arrested.

According to necn affiliate WPTZ, organizers pre-sold 550 tickets to the charity event and were not prepared to manage the 1,500 guests who attended.

The Associated Press reports that 34-year-old Michael Cuthbertson of Newbury turned his anger toward police. He allegedly threatened officers before fleeing on foot.

Police used pepper spray to subdue Cuthbertson. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He did not immediately return a call seeking comment, according to the AP.

Some guests, frustrated by wait times and the lack of Easter eggs, are now asking for refunds.

"We just wanted this to be a family fun community event to raise money for Wilson Castle for the restoration process," said Jeremy Griffin of Party Outfitters, the event's organizer.

Details from the Associated Press were used in this report.

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