Man in Jail for Groping Charged With Sexual Assault

The suspect pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and burglary charges


A Vermont man who is already behind bars appeared before a judge Thursday on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman and stole from her home.

The suspect, John Discola, pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and burglary charges in relation to the incident, where a woman said she was woken from sleeping on her couch to a man performing a sex act on her.

When the woman pushed Discola away, he allegedly went upstairs, attempted to enter a room, and then ran off.

Police said that the incident occurred in 2015 and that Discola also took money from the victim's roommate.

"DNA found on [a] glove linked us to Mr. Discola," said Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations Detective Corporal Rene Young of evidence found at the scene of the incident.

Although Discola refused to offer a DNA sample, police were able to obtain one due to the suspect's previous convictions.

While on trial for these latest allegations, Discola is already serving time for groping a woman and two children at the 2015 Vermont City Marathon.

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