Mother’s Death Treated as Suspicious by Vermont State Police

Alicia Harrington's body was found in her car on the side of the road in Proctor

A death investigation is continuing in Vermont after a mother’s body was found in her car on the side of the road—and police are calling the death suspicious.

Alicia Harrington of Rutland City was reported missing to the Rutland Police Department Tuesday.

Maj. Dan Trudeau of Vermont State Police said Harrington’s husband told officers his wife never picked up their young child from school, as expected.

The 44-year-old’s vehicle then turned up Wednesday in Proctor, with a dead body inside.

An autopsy Thursday confirmed the body found in the car was Harrington’s.

“Initially, we thought maybe the car broke down, but the car starts right up,” Trudeau said in response to a question from necn. “It was parked in an odd position along the side of the road—very, very close to the travel lane. In fact, the tires were into the travel lane. So it didn’t seem like it was your typical parking spot.”

Investigators said the medical examiner’s findings on a cause or manner of death are pending a toxicology report, which could take weeks.

Trudeau said his team spent Thursday talking to friends and relatives of Harrington, working on piecing together a timeline leading up to her death.

Necn spotted four state troopers from the search and rescue team scouring both sides of the road where Harrington’s car was found. They were apparently looking for anything out of place in bushes and along a farm near the road.

While state police are still treating Harrington’s death as suspicious, they believe it was an isolated incident and said there’s no reason to suspect there’s any threat to the community.

Trudeau urged anyone with information on Harrington’s travels Tuesday to call Vermont State Police at 802-773-9101.

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