Museum Exhibit Spotlights Fascination With Sugar

A new museum exhibit may have you looking at your next snack or dessert in a whole new light.

“Sweet Tooth: the Art of Dessert” at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum spotlights America’s obsession with sugar.

It features Ring Pops the size of the family dog and candy wrappers you could use as shelter.

“I think anyone who walks in here is going to revert back to their childhood,” curator Kory Rogers said.

The new exhibit is a fitting topic for Shelburne Museum, an institution founded by Electra Havemeyer Webb, the heiress of a sugar-refining fortune.

“Everyone’s welcome – even dentists,” joked assistant curator Carolyn Bauer.

One sculpture in the exhibit is made entirely of dark and white chocolate.

In a video piece, a character who looks to be blowing snow is really powdering donuts.

And three sticky-looking lollipops are taller than children.

“You are dwarfed by food,” Bauer said of some pieces in the exhibition. “That could be a commentary on overconsumption or gluttony, but it also kind of presents common, everyday objects at a new perspective.”

“We wanted to use large-scale objects so that people felt like they were kids again—walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” Rogers added. “That whole sense of scale and surprise and delight.”

“Sweet Tooth: the Art of Dessert” is on view at Shelburne Museum through, appropriately enough, that big time for chocolate: Valentine’s Day.

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