‘We Can Start to Heal:' New Vermont Digital Offering Aims to Support Trauma Victims

A survivor of sexual violence and the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services launched the podcast and digital video series this week

A new digital offering, resulting from a partnership between a Vermont state agency and a survivor of sexual violence, aims to help crime victims around the region and even the country.

“If we can connect, we can start to heal,” said Anna Nasset, a public speaker who survived sexual assault and stalking prior to her move to central Vermont.

Nasset now hosts “The Mend,” a new podcast and online video series offering descriptions of tools and supports to help others move past trauma and thrive.

“The more we come together, the stronger we are,” Nasset said.

Nasset is partnering with the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services to launch the twice-a-month program.

The broad range of topics will include military sex assaults, elder abuse, conversations on how community members can support survivors, and more.

“The more we are discussing these topics, the more we can make change,” Nasset said.

The center’s director, Chris Fenno, said she has found victims can be hungry for information, resources, and connections in the digital world, and expects this new service will provide it.

“To know that they’re not alone,” Fenno said, describing one goal for what she hopes listeners and viewers of “The Mend” take away from the program. “It’s never too late to start mending.”

“The Mend” is available free from the website of the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, and is aimed at applying to people’s experiences regardless of where they live, Fenno and Nasset noted.

While necn typically does not identify survivors of sexual violence, Nasset granted the news station permission to use her name and face in this report.

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