New Hampshire

NH Woman Sues Vt. for Gross Negligence in Suspect’s Escape

A New Hampshire woman is suing the state of Vermont, as well as a treatment center, for not responding appropriately to a suspect's escape, the Boston Herald reports. Her lawsuit details how the suspect allegedly raped her in her car and a motel room in front of her 5-year-old son.

Everett Simpson, 41, was being held by police for assault on a police officer and car theft until Jan. 3 when his bail was reduced by thousands of dollars and was released on conditions that he remain at the Vista Valley treatment center. Celia Roessler, 23, says she was assaulted Jan. 5 after Simpson fled the facility.

Roessler alleges that that treatment center, which was supposed to notify the police immediately if Simpson left the facility, did not contact the police until 90 minutes after his escape.

"I have decided to speak out today because I have nothing to hide from or be ashamed of," Roessler told the Herald. She added she "hopes something good can come of this lawsuit so that something like this never happens again."

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