Northern Vermont Digs Out From Winter Wallop

This week's mega-storm produced the most snow ever in the month of March, since record-keeping began, for the city of Burlington, Vermont.

By mid-afternoon, Burlington had tallied 29.7 inches of snow, but the flakes were still falling.

Other communities reported even greater accumulations.

The area around Jay Peak woke up to an incredible 34 inches of snow. Large, fluffy flakes kept falling there, too, throughout the day Wednesday.

All that snow is making for a difficult clean-up job in many communities, and is contributing to some problems.

In Jay, a car slid off Route 242 early Wednesday afternoon. Driver Bryce Hanrahan said he had a frantic split-second decision on the snow-covered road.

"It was either put the car into the ditch or put the car into the cars ahead of me," Hanrahan explained, noting he and a friend were uninjured in the slide-off.

Bubba LaClair, a roadside assistance provider who came to haul the vehicle out of the ditch, said he had a busy morning.

"We did probably one rollover this morning and six or seven different pull-outs," LaClair said.

In East Berkshire, Robin Wells was blazing a path through the deep snow in her driveway with a shovel.

"This is the most snow we've gotten since I've lived here," Wells sighed.

At the Jay Peak Resort, more than 40 inches of fresh powder made for a business boost from skiers and riders, according to a resort spokesman.

"As soon as word got out about the snowfall here, around 5 o'clock yesterday, our phone started ringing off the hook at the Hotel Jay," JJ Toland said. "We went from 85 percent booked to just about 99 percent right now."

And Vermont's higher elevations are not done with winter weather just yet. There is more snowfall in the forecast over the next several days.

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