Olympic Medalist Back Home in Vermont

Devin Logan of West Dover visited her hometown resort, Mount Snow, this week

This vacation week was especially memorable for skiers at one Vermont resort, who got to spend time on the mountain with an Olympic medalist.

"It's been a good week home," athlete Devin Logan said, smiling.

Logan is home from Utah to Mount Snow in Vermont, where the Olympian learned to ski.

"When you grow up skiing here — East Coast conditions, I know it's a little rough — that's when you know you're a true skier," Logan told necn. "This is my place to be, and whenever I'm skiing here, there's a smile on my face."

Logan won a silver medal in Sochi in 2014. The freeskier is a star in the growing sport of slopestyle, which sees competitors conquering obstacles while skillfully performing tricks such as flips and spins.

"I welcome all my competition," Logan said. "I'm going to give them a run for their money!"

Logan visited with young fans, signed autographs, and led a special camp for women skiers looking to hone their skills.

"She came in, giving everybody high-fives, signing autographs, and kind of gave them some words of encouragement that were mainly just, 'Ski and ride because you have fun,'" Jamie Storrs of Mount Snow said, recounting Logan's visit with young skiers this week.

"She's always kind of working toward the next thing and you really have to respect that," added camp participant Lori Paprin, a season pass holder at Mount Snow.

Devin Logan said she is already deep in training and about to start the qualifying process for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, to be held in South Korea. Of course, all her hometown fans at Mount Snow will be cheering her on throughout that series of competitions.

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