Grammar School Employee Accused of Embezzling Over $30,000 in 3 Years

Authorities say Tammy Neathawk made unauthorized purchases on her school credit card for at least three years

An employee of the Putney Grammar School in Putney, Vermont is accused of embezzling over $30,000 from the school over three years.

Tammy H. Neathawk, 45, of Chester was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Vermont State Police for suspicion of embezzlement and brought to the Vermont State Police Barracks.

Police say that Neathawk had been conducting unauthorized purchases with her school credit card for at least three years. Police are conducting a more detailed examination of the previous fiscal years to further asses the extent of the alleged embezzlement.

It is not yet known if Neethawk has an attorney. She is scheduled to be arraigned at Vermont Superior Court on March 27.

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