Sanders Back Home in Vermont on Super Tuesday: “We're Very Proud”

The presidential candidate is spending Super Tuesday in his home state of Vermont

The presidential candidate is spending Super Tuesday in his home state of Vermont

Bernie Sanders arrived at his polling place in Burlington, Vermont on Super Tuesday to super encouragement from neighbors.

"I would love to see democratic socialism spread throughout the country," beamed Tom Barber, a voter in Sanders' home ward in Burlington.

Several voters cheered, one shouting, "keep fighting, Bernie," as the Secret Service motorcade pulled into the polling location.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, cast their ballots around 7:30 Tuesday morning, contributing two votes toward what's universally expected will be a landslide win for the Vermont senator on his home turf.

Elsewhere, polls show significant challenges in states favorable to Hillary Clinton's more established name.

Still, Sanders has a goal of ending Super Tuesday with as many proportionally-awarded delegates as possible, he said.

"We're very proud of what we are doing, and we're proud of what we're going to continue to do," Sanders told reporters gathered outside the polling place. "This is a campaign that's going to the Philadelphia convention in July and I want to thank the millions of supporters throughout this country."

But not everyone in Sanders' backyard is on board with their hometown senator.

"I call him 'Bernie Santa Claus' because he thinks everything should be free, but there's no connection between paying for it," said Karen Rowell, a Burlington voter.

Hillary Clinton supporters planned an afternoon of phone calls to get out the vote for the former Secretary of State across Vermont.

Polls in Vermont close at 7 p.m.

Sanders is holding an evening rally on Super Tuesday at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction. Stay with necn and for coverage of that event.

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