Scammers Posing as Police Dupe Burlington, Vermont Couple: Authorities


Scammers have been posing as police officers on the phone, demanding goods in exchange for the "bail" of a loved one and police in Burlington, Vermont, say the thieves were able to dupe one couple.

Burlington police said the scammer requested $500 from the couple in the form of gift cards. They said a woman was on the phone with the victims, crying and acting as if she was a family member being held in custody.

The couple was convinced the scam was sincere and abided by the gift card request, according to police.

Authorities are warning residents to take caution should they receive a similar phone call. Other times, the scammers may appear friendly and make small talk, police said. Scammers often pressure victims to give them personal information, such as credit card or social security numbers.

Officials urge everyone to hang up and contact their local police department if they receive a phone call from scammers. For any calls claiming to be Burlington police, authorities encourage victims to contact the Burlington Police Department at 802-658-2704.

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