Sunflowers to Help Provide Power

Seeds will be converted to biodiesel and livestock feed

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Seeds from sunflowers growing in Newbury and Shaftsbury, Vermont, will be converted to biodiesel and livestock feed.

Twenty acres of sunflowers are growing at the State Line Farm Biofuels in Shaftsbury, and another ten acres are growing at the Ekolott Farm in Newbury.

When the oilseeds are harvested this fall, they will be dried and pressed, then the raw oil converted to biodiesel.

The fuel will be used in Green Mountain Power's fleet of vehicles, and for building heating. Customers of Green Mountain Power will save money, and this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

The solid portion of the seed is valuable as a livestock feed. The feed will be used on farms to supplement animal nutrition.

This pilot is a partnership between GMP, UVM Extension, and the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative.

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