Teen's ‘Ice Cream Float' Turning Heads on Vermont's Lake Bomoseen

Adam Babb, 17, pulls up to residents' docks or even to passing boats to serve ice cream and other treats

A new business called the "Ice Cream Float" is turning heads on Vermont’s Lake Bomoseen. It’s the summer job of a teenager from Rutland. 

"It's spreading really fast," Adam Babb said, describing the buzz about his new business.

Babb, 17, is in his first summer of small business ownership on Vermont's Lake Bomoseen. He pulls up to residents' docks or even to passing boats to serve ice cream and other treats.

"I think it's a great idea," customer Jim Cook said.

The senior at Rutland's Mount St. Joseph Academy said he relied on his savings to buy a used pontoon boat that a person in northern New York advertised online. Then, he said he got help from his parents and family friends converting it into the Ice Cream Float. 

The boat features awnings and illustrations of desserts on the side of the business. The colorful presentation was designed to ensure the business is eye-catching, Babb said.

"Last Sunday was really good," Babb recalled. "It was hot and I sold out of just about everything." 

Babb sells Italian ices, ice cream sandwiches, frozen pops, and other treats. 

"I feel it's brilliant," customer Erica Rossini said after purchasing an ice cream sandwich from Babb.

"I really, really hope you're very successful with this," another customer, Susanne Rossini, told the teenager.

Babb told necn he is considering studying business in college. However, he already got a crash course in capital investments a few weeks back, when his freezer died and he had to upgrade his generator.

"It's just a good experience for the future," Babb said. "And it's cool talking to the different people around the lake."

The most rewarding part of his summer job, Babb said, is making families happy. Or happier, really, since most people are in a pretty good mood in the relaxed setting around Lake Bomoseen.

"There's no one really angry to see me," Babb laughed. "Except for maybe those parents who don't want to buy ice cream!"

To those parents, watch out: the Ice Cream Float's going to keep floating on Lake Bomoseen through at least Labor Day.

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