Tenant: Landlord Broke in, Stole 3 Kittens in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Landlord cited for burglary, but tenant also faces legal trouble

A Vermont woman who says her landlord broke into her apartment and stole three kittens is facing some legal trouble of her own, NBC5 reports.

Police say Megan Wilcox of St. Johnsbury reported a burglary Friday night, claiming that Kim Bedor broke in through a window, taking her pets and some cat food. According to police, Bedor hid the kittens upstairs in her own unit.

When Wilcox went upstairs to confront her landlord, police say Bedor asked her to leave. Because she refused, Wilcox was given a citation for trespassing, according to the report.

Bedor, meanwhile, was cited for burglary.

The kittens — named Hazen, Paisley and Sylvester — were returned home to Wilcox.

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