Vermont Community Forced to Destroy, Leave Their Homes

Colchester Vt Demolition

Families in a Colchester, Vermont, community are preparing to leave or tear down their homes after a court ruled they were violating lease terms.

According to affiliate NBC 5, the Vermont Supreme Court sided with Mongeon Bay Properties, who owns the land on East Lakeshore Drive. It was determined that after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, erosion on parts of the shoreline along Lake Champlain was a violation of the lease.

Most homeowners on the leased land have bought or built their own homes.

Locals gathered enough funds to repair the shoreline with a sea wall, but were ultimately evicted by Mongeon Bay Properties.

Homeowners were given the choice to demolish their home or take a buyout of around $4,500 and leave their home and appliances behind.

Majority of homeowners in the area have taken some sort of buyout, though between five and seven homes have already been destroyed. 

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