Lara Salahi

Vermont Man Accused of Flashing Gun to Woman, Young Child

Vermont State Police

A Vermont man is facing multiple charges after allegedly following a woman and her young grandchild home and flashing his gun multiple times.

Police responded to reports of a man yelling at a woman and her grandchild on Route 7 in Dorset Wednesday evening. 

According to police, Gerald B. Wright, 53, of Dorset, Vt., followed them to the woman's home on his Four Wheeler. Police say Wright, who was carrying a loaded shotgun and loaded handgun, lifted his shirt multiple times to show the woman and her grandchild the handgun on his hip. 

Wright allegedly left the home but returned shortly after in a pickup truck with his significant other and two children.

Police arrested Wright at the home. He faces multiple charges including drunk driving, assault, and reckless endangerment. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. 

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